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Driving Healthcare Innovations

Who we are?

As a fully owned subsidiary of Cloud Solutions, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Cloud Solutions International was created to ensure that the healthcare industry could embrace technology better whilst minimising day to day risk. Boasting with over twenty-two years of domain knowledge in the healthcare industry, we plan on punching way above our weight.


To be perceived as the global healthcare standard for technology


We strive to ensure that our clients can continue to evolve using cutting edge technology so that their customers may receive the best health care throughout their life by adapting and adopting to the disruptive nature of technology.

Our Culture

Our most precious resource is our employees. We try to foster a learning environment best suited to encourage innovation. Our office was designed to ensure our workforce feel at home and are relaxed. With this is mind we implement a dev ops culture eradicating silos and departments. Individual titles are forgotten and a flat corporate structure is practiced. We also plan the growth of each Cloud Solutions International employee rewarding performance and learning each year.

Digital Hospital Vision

Digital Hospital Vision

Open Innovation

We exist in an environment where organisations which were giants and were considered as examples for success became dinosaurs and ceased to exist because firstly, they couldn’t see the disruptive change technology was bringing to their respective industries and secondly, they were unable to re-align their business processes to leverage the disruption.

We at Cloud Solutions International are committed to a model of high-value innovation rather than commodity of products and services. Our commitment to this model compels us to periodically research the new technological breakthroughs within our domain; reinvent our businesses continually; identify new technologies and adapt them to suit our clients as the healthcare domain is one of the most dynamic, fast-changing and fiercely competitive industries in the world.

Cloud Solutions International believes in the fact that innovative ideas can come from anywhere, eliminating the boundaries between industries, departments, or disciplines. They could be large and small and are best defined as: "significant, positive change". Opening up the innovation process within an organization is another new trend. The process of research and development is no longer the purview of subject matter experts alone. And we practice this by eliminating silos within our organisation within a Devops culture. Everyone is encouraged to voice their opinion however trivial it may seem. We also ensure that once a matter has been researched, it is documented and shared amongst the other employees so that our human capital keeps on growing.

Our Philosophy

The global technology domain pertaining to healthcare has seen major dramatic changes in the last few years owing to the fact that customers demand identification and solutions to their medical needs. The invention of health-wear devices and the inclusion of healthcare applications on hand held devices mean that data on patients are plenty, accurate, formatted and readily available.

We at Cloud Solutions International believe that technology has the potential to revolutionize the way in which healthcare is delivered in most efficient and cost-effective manner. It is to provide best-in class, wholistic global solutions to healthcare organizations in the entire world ensuring that all stakeholders have access to real time accurate information at the point of care, improve healthcare delivery efficiency by means of clinical automation, and improve the ability of healthcare organizations' responsiveness to changing patient needs.

We pride ourselves in putting our workforce in the forefront of all our business decisions. Cloud Solutions International employees are brand ambassadors who are highly skilled, forward thinking, fast learning and continuously challenging themselves to be better than they were yesterday. That is the attitude we foster and the culture we practice.

With the help of technology and coupling it with our philosophies we believe in creating both proactive healthcare applications interconnected with our reactive hospital management systems to ensure that a healthcare provider has total confidence in our products and services as we not only preach, but we also:

  • Actively seek out best practices and incorporate them in to our daily business
  • Investigate breakthroughs in technology, adapt them in to our products
  • Loosely couple our solutions enabling us to replace or rewrite a section using better technology with zero impact to clients
  • Encourage a homely environment within our office making our staff want to come to work
  • Encourage positivity whilst eradicating negativity

Driving healthcare innovations is not just a tagline, it is a the reason for our existence, something we remind ourselves so that our customers do not need to…

Our Technology Stack

Digital Hospital Vision


Our Products


VIDA is a fully paperless Hospital Information System which is accredited by HIMSS Stage 6, JCIA and CAP and other international bodies. The Application is built using the Industry’s best practices and healthcare standards such as HL 7, ICD 10, CPT, IHE, DICOM and XDS.


is our cross platform and user friendly mobile application which is available in ios and Android. Dual factor authentication is made available for advanced protection and it is the most comprehensive app in terms of the functionality and options it offers. The complete medical record is easily accessible by our patients using this app.


PACS system which includes: Medical Imaging, Radiology Information System, Storage and Archival of Images via PACS, Tele Radiology Solution, 3D Modelling, Integration with MRI, CT, PET/CT, X-RAY, Mammography, Bone Densitometry, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy.


is the point of sale system for Pharmacy and its tightly integrated with VIDA. It is Inpatient Medication Dispensing is based on Unit dose system which effectively manages the doses without any wastage or over charging the patient.


is a self-service, user friendly, state of the art platform where the guest can perform some of the front desk critical services by himself / herself using touch screen technology. Dual factor authentication is made available for advanced protection.


Module is tightly integrated with VIDA and physicians directly request lab tests from VIDA as well as view results from VIDA.

Our Clients

Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group - Saudi Arabia

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib medical group – HMG, is one of the leading healthcare pioneers in the Middle East & Africa. The Group Established in 1995 in Riyadh, KSA. It is operation 17 Hospitals & Medical Facilities more than 1,000,000 Square meters in KSA, UAE, Bahrain & Nigeria. It has more than 10,000+ staff and 1400+ physicians from 54+ Different Nationalities.

With facilities spread across the region, the group focuses on the concept of modern management through providing and promoting best high quality international standards in medical practices; All Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib medical group – HMG hospitals and clinics are equipped with the latest technology offering advanced futuristic vision in medical services that enhances patient care, allowing the group to win more than 21 International awards and accreditation making Al Habib Medical Group a healthcare beacon as a true Hospital of the Future.

University Medical Center - Bahrain

The University Medical Center of King Abdullah Medical City (UMC) in Bahrain is run in cooperation with Dr Sulaiman Alhabib Medical Group and offers worldwide expertise through culturally diverse and multi-specialty clinics.

Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinics - Saudi Arabia

Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinics is a network of many dental clinics and have been efficiently serving the patients in KSA, Dubai & KIngdom of Bahrain. The whole dental network is serving patients from last 26 years. Patients across various parts of the world, who get treated from the dentists of Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinic, always appreciate the work of the dentists and team.



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